Are you considering an always-on feedback platform but haven’t found one that exactly meets your needs? Then let’s talk. We’ll design one for you. And what’s more you can try before you buy. We’ll give you a free trial to help you decide if it’s right for you.

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  • What is an always-on feedback platform?
Always-on platforms provide businesses with a continual flow of feedback and ideas from their people. They can be used to:
  • Track the level of engagement
  • Get feedback from frontline staff on customer reactions to new prices or products
  • Gauge how staff are reacting to a new strategic initiative or change programme
  • Get insights into why people are leaving the organisation
Or just about anything else.
  • Why always-on feedback?
Many companies recognise the value of tapping into the collective intelligence of their customers to guide innovation, product design and strategy. In recent times it has evolved into crowdsourcing.
Tapping into the collective intelligence and experience of your staff , the people responsible for translating strategy into frontline action day in day out, is like internal crowdsourcing and can provide similar benefits. After all your people are uniquely placed to provide feedback and ideas.  
Encouraging continual feedback from your staff also helps to align them with strategy, foster a greater sense of involvement and, ultimately, helps to create a high level of engagement.
  • Would always-on feedback replace the annual survey?
Always-on feedback platforms are a great way of keeping your finger on the pulse, identifying opportunities and threats as they emerge, and pinpointing the issues that are of concern to your people.
Annual surveys typically provide a more comprehensive snapshot of the business and generate the volume of data needed for in-depth statistical analyses.
Essentially they complement each other: always-on feedback can highlight issues and questions that might be put to the whole workforce in the annual survey; while the annual survey might highlight issues that need to be tracked over time.
At Digital Opinion we help with both.
  • How would you build an always-on feedback platform for us?
We’ll develop an initial design based on your needs and goals. We’ll refine it until you’re completely happy, then we’ll build it. After you’ve tested and approved it you’ll be ready to launch.
  • How long will it take?
That depends on how much functionality you want. You might want to start with modest goals and add features later. In that case the design, build and testing could be done in as little as two days.
  • What would we need to provide?
You’ll need to:
  • Tell us what questions you want to ask (we can help with advice and guidance)
  • Give us details of your company’s structure
  • Decide how you want to reach your people (emails, intranet, for example)
  • Tell us how long you want to run the programme for
And we’ll do the rest.
  • What kind of questions can we ask?
It’s up to you. They could focus on:
  • Tracking the level of engagement
  • Getting feedback from frontline staff on customer reactions to new prices or products
  • Gauging how staff are reacting to a new strategic initiative or change programme
  • Or simply tapping into your people’s feelings, thoughts and suggestions
  • How often can we change the questions?
As often as you like. Businesses are constantly changing. The questions you ask may need to change as well.
  • Does every part of the business need to have the same questions?
No. Different parts of the business may have different challenges. One set of questions might not fit all. You can have a number of surveys running at the same time.
  • How will the feedback be reported?
Responses are constantly fed to an online dashboard which shows graphical and tabular views of the feedback broken down any way you want. The dashboard is available 24/7.
  • Can we get people’s comments?
Yes, always-on is like internal crowdsourcing, it’s an opportunity to get people’s thoughts and ideas. We’ll automatically sort the comments by topic, sentiment and part of the business.
  • How will we get people to take part?
People can access the questions via their smartphone, tablet or desktop. There could be a link on your intranet, workplace posters or in-house newsletters, for example. We can also email your people a link to take part.
  • How can we help you?
Let us design an always-on feedback programme for you and enjoy the following benefits:
• Quick and easy set-up: it's cloud-based so there's no need for IT involvement. We set it up and do all the work.
• Simple pricing: a once-only set-up fee followed by a monthly fee based on headcount.
• Choice of contracts: fixed term or a monthly rolling contract – you decide.
• Try before you buy: if, after a month’s trial, you decide it’s not for you, there's no cost at all. We even waive the set-up fee.
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