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  • What is an always-on feedback platform?
Always-on feedback platforms are one of the new breed of data-driven employee engagement tools that are changing the world of work and helping organisations to win in the war for talent.
Digital Opinion’s always-on platform helps organisations to collect and analyse employee feedback so that they can understand what motivates their people, what holds them back, and what needs to be done to raise engagement.
It is used to gather feedback at key milestones along the employee journey, providing insights into the effectiveness of the on-boarding processes, how well people are being engaged and motivated, how ad-hoc initiatives are being received, and why some people choose to leave. It enables organisations to explore perspectives across different sites and demographics, pinpoint hotspots, identify key drivers of engagement, prioritise actions, and track progress over time.
Just as your sales people can log on every morning to get their latest sales figures or your marketing people can view the latest customer feedback, so too your HR team can now log on every day to see how your people are feeling across the entire organisation.
  • Why choose Digital Opinion?
Many of the always-on platforms currently available in the UK are essentially software applications.
Digital Opinion offers something more. As well as being application developers we are also an employee engagement consultancy. In fact, we have been helping a wide range of UK businesses to measure and raise engagement for nearly 20 years - long before the new platforms were ever envisaged.
Our always-on platform has been built on that deep experience, and developed in partnership with a number of leading blue-chip UK companies.
That means that when you choose Digital Opinion you get a full-featured always-on platform that is backed up by years of engagement consulting experience and has been tried and tested by major organisations.
And we don’t do off-the-shelf. We don’t present you with a pick-and-mix question bank; we listen to your unique requirements and deliver something that fits exactly - a platform that enables you to monitor and understand employee experiences in real-time and drive performance.
  • Key features of Digital Opinion's always-on platform
Reaching your people – we can reach your people in the way that best suits them: by email (work or personal), SMS message, or via workplace kiosks (on-site PCs made available to people). We send a simple message and a link to the survey. All our surveys are accessible 24/7 and are optimised to be completed quickly and easily from phones, laptops and desktops.
Did you know? It's estimated that 85% of the UK’s adult population now has a smartphone.
Multilingual – You can choose the language/s you want – our platform accommodates multiple languages for any survey – in fact we do everything from Arabic to Zulu.
Did you know? It's estimated that there are 880 different languages in India. 29 of them have more than a million speakers. With surveys in Hindi, Kanada and Urdu we’ve hardly scratched the surface.
Questions – You can ask any questions you want and have different questions for different groups of employees. For example, head office-based employees may need a different question set from field-based people. Technically, there’s no limit to the number you can have.
Did you know? We don’t do off-the-shelf surveys. All our work is bespoke. Based on your research objectives, we advise on the questions to ask, how best to word them, and the most appropriate response scales and scoring systems.
Comments – the deepest insights often come from listening to people in their own words. Our platform enables you to ask any number of free text questions. In most cases it automatically segments them into topics such a pay, hours, management style etc. and sorts them according to sentiment. It even allows you to comment on comments, flag issues for action, and notify relevant managers.
Did you know? To help with especially big projects or advanced comment analysis our platform is linked to ViewFinder, Digital Opinion’s powerful proprietary comments software application.
Tracking progress – We provide online response reports and management reports which enable you to track progress, team-by-team, from day one and compare daily response patterns with previous surveys. We also send out regular reminders to help maximise participation.
Did you know? The effectiveness of communications going into a survey and being able to point to improvements following previous surveys are likely to have a big impact on people’s willingness to participate.
Reporting - as results come in data is automatically processed in real-time and reports and dashboards are immediately ready for use. Reporting reflects your organisation’s structure, no matter how complex. But navigation is simple and intuitive. The top level shows an organisation-wide view while drill-downs take you from level to level, down to individual teams. Access to each level of reporting can be restricted to specific users as required.
At each level the reports show current and previous scores which enables you to see how each part of your organisation is trending over time. The reports are individualised to so that each team managers gets the feedback from their own team, comparisons with higher levels, and the insights they need to drive improvement.
The reports also drill down to demographic categories enabling you to see the feedback broken down by age group, gender, length of service etc.
Did you know? In many cases required lines of reporting don’t tie in with employee lists and getting them to do so can be a fraught and long-winded process. Fortunately we can help and spare you much of the effort.
Advanced analytics – if you can provide us with other business-critical data such as sales figures, customer satisfaction scores and staff retention metrics, we can combine them with data generated by the always-on platform and conduct linkage analyses. These can be hugely powerful in helping you to quantify the impact of engagement on business performance.
Did you know? This is another of the areas in which our combination of feedback platform and consulting expertise enables us to add real value way beyond the capability of a standard survey platform.
Action planning – we provide action programmes which enable your people to turn insight into action right across the organisation. Our platform automatically generates individualised action priorities as part of every team’s report. These reports are linked to an action planning dashboard. Each team uploads agreed actions and can record regular updates against targets. The platform also enables senior managers to see what actions are being taken and by which teams and provides an opportunity to identify and share best practice across the business.
Did you know? Our research shows that teams with the highest action planning scores increase their engagement score from one period to the next by 10 percentage points on average, while those with the lowest tend to fall back by 15 points on average. Team- level action makes all the difference.
Security – We use the latest security and encryption techniques to ensure that your data is safe and is handled in a way which complies with the latest legislation.
Did you know – some of our clients are involved in work of an extremely sensitive nature which requires the highest levels of security. Their trust in Digital Opinion has been tried and tested over many years.
  • Does always-on replace the annual survey?
Always-on feedback platforms are a great way of keeping your finger on the pulse, identifying opportunities and threats as they emerge, and pinpointing the issues that are of concern to your people. For many organisations they are already the present. For others they represnt the future of engagement measurement and management.
Annual surveys typically provide a more comprehensive snapshot of the business than many always-on surveys and generate the volume of data that is needed for some types of in-depth statistical analyses.
Essentially the two approaches complement each other: always-on feedback can highlight issues and questions that might be put to the whole workforce in an annual survey; while the annual survey might highlight issues that need to be tracked over time.
Moving from an annual survey to an always-on approach can be a big step, so some organisations make the transition gradually, moving first to a number of pulse surveys.
At Digital Opinion we are equally happy to accommodate all three approaches.
  • What is involved in setup?
You'll need to discuss with us the following:
  • What kind of survey/s you want to undertake and why?
  • The issues you want to cover and the questions you want to ask (we can help with advice and guidance)
  • You organisation structure and reporting/drill down requirements
  • How you want to reach your people (emails, intranet, for example, or any combination)
  • Tell us how long you want to run the programme for
And we’ll do the rest.
  • Next step
Let's talk. If you want to go ahead we'll make setup as quick and easy as possible. The pricing is simple: a once-only set-up fee followed by a monthly fee based on headcount. And you have a choice of contracts: fixed term or a monthly rolling contract – you decide.
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