Whatever your size or structure, requirements or budget, we can help you design and conduct an employee survey.
Whether you’re looking for help with an engagement survey, a pulse survey, an on-boarding survey or a leavers survey, we’d like to hear from you.

Our services include:

We have particular expertise in helping businesses with engagement surveys.
  • Questionnaire Design
Whatever the questions you want to ask we can provide help and expert guidance to make sure your survey is a complete success. We’ll help you ensure the questions make sense for your people, your business, and your goals, and lend themselves to clear, unambiguous analysis and effective post survey action.
  • Reaching your people
We can help you reach your people in whatever way best suits them, from web surveys optimised for smartphone, tablet or desktop, to pen and paper questionnaires.
We can also help with multinational surveys. We've conducted surveys in more than 30 countries and 25 languages including non-European languages such as Arabic and Chinese so we can help with translation and cultural issues as well as the technical side.
  • Reporting
You can choose from a range of formats: interactive online or Excel-based reports, heatmaps, or PowerPoint and Word-based reports. All are tabular and graphical and, most important, easy to understand and use.
We generate reports quickly. The lengthy gap between the survey ending and getting the results is a thing of the past.
We can also automate the distribution of reports for you – a huge timesaver if you’ve got reports for many hundreds of business units or teams.
  • Text Analytics
Seeing what your people think and feel in their own words can add a rich dimension to your survey. The problem is how to collate and analyse hundreds, maybe thousands of comments.
At Digital Opinion, we have the technology to analyse any number of comments and transform them into business intelligence in minutes.
  • Advanced analytics
If required, we can help with a range of advanced analyses: key driver analysis to identify the things that have the biggest impact on engagement, or linkage analysis to identify which aspects of the employee experience have the biggest impact on things like customer satisfaction, sales and profitability.
Listen to the presentation: Linkage analysis - Engagement and sales
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  • Presenting the results
Drawing on extensive analytical skills and many years' experience we’re able to distil the essentials into powerful yet succinct presentations to senior managers including Boards of Directors.
Based on our findings we can recommend post-survey actions and initiatives that will impact both engagement and business performance. It's why our clients see us as trusted advisors.
  • Action planning
We can provide a range of easy-to-use action planning tools which will help you meet the challenges that emerge from the survey, and drive improvement.
They include Action Reports personalised for each team, guidance and support, and a company-wide Action Progress Dashboard.
Listen to the presentation: Action Planning and Engagement
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  • Project management
You’ll have an expert survey management team at your disposal. Drawing on years of experience and formal project management qualifications they are able to guide and advise you and ensure that all your survey objectives are met on time and within budget.
  • The employee lifecycle – bringing it all together
On-boarding surveys, engagement surveys, pulse surveys and leavers surveys all provides our clients with rich and timely data which enables them to constantly refine their on-boarding and engagement processes to increase retention and productivity.
Taken together, however, they provide a bigger and more complex picture. Analysis of that picture makes it possible to map the employee journey from recruitment to departure in the way that marketing people map the customer journey. That, in turn, enables them to take steps to ensure that productivity is maximised and staff churn kept to a minimum.
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