"Digital Opinion provide a professional and confidential service to Frontier Agriculture Ltd that enables the business to measure employee engagement on an annual basis. The detailed results provided enable us to instigate improvement actions plans for the company and also for specific departments and teams. Digital Opinion always provides knowledgeable expertise on all matters relating to employee engagement, and are an important supplier to the business."

Jon Berry, Head of HR, Frontier Agriculture Ltd



What impact does this team level, bottom-up approach to action have on the level of engagement and business performance? In simple terms it has a huge impact.

Amongst our clients, the commitment to engagement means that, on average, the score for the issues covered by the survey goes up year on year. And usually the rate of improvement reflects the nature of the issue - how easy or difficult it is to improve. But where issues are the focus of specific action within the action programme we see their score increase over the course of a year by an average of 7 points more than the score for issues that were not the focus of action.

So when the issues are key engagement drivers, action has a big impact on the level of engagement. When they correlate with business performance metrics such as customer satisfaction or sales there is a proportionate impact on those metrics.

It all comes down to the old adage - what gets measured gets done.

And there is another big benefit to this approach to action and in particular to having an action planning website: it helps to pinpoint best practice and start sharing it across the business.

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