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As Head of HR at Wood Mackenzie for 10 years, I look back and regard meeting Mark and his team at Digital Opinion as one of our 'really good days'. We recognised early at WoodMac that understanding Employee Engagement was central to creating superior business performance. We had ideas on how to create engagement, but needed a tool to measure it and our progress over time. Digital Opinion provided the perfect solution. Over successive years, Mark and his team supported us in analysing the feedback from our annual employee survey, modifying the survey tool as the business itself evolved; and always did this with customer focus, technical expertise, and developing a real 'feel' for our organisation. The term Trusted Advisor is over-used these days, but Mark has been exactly that for me for many years, and will always be one of the first phonecalls I make when taking on HR leadership roles in the future.

David Roberts, Human Resources Director

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We provide our clients with a range of reports in the medium they want. They can be company-wide heat maps, interactive online reports, or easy-to-use team-level action reports. In many instances we provide ViewFinder, a powerful comment analysis application.

We also provide a Directors Report: our expert interpretation of the feedback. This draws on many years' experience working with a wide range of businesses, plus the insights that flow from the application of powerful analytical techniques such as key driver and linkage analysis. (See right)

This combination of experience and analytics enables us to recommend post-survey actions and initiatives that impact both engagement and business performance. It's why our clients see us as trusted advisors.

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