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Jon Berry, Head of HR, Frontier Agriculture Ltd


Key Driver Analysis

Key driver analysis is a complex statistical procedure with a simple outcome: applied to survey data it enables us to identify the things that have the biggest impact on engagement. It pays no heed to scores. Key drivers can have high, low or middling scores. The point is: regardless of the score, key drivers are the things that correlate most strongly with engagement - the things that matter most to your people.

Why not simply ask people which things are most important to them? The answer is that that is not always a reliable approach. For example, most people put pay towards the top of their list of important things. So, if your aim is to raise engagement, you might conclude that pay is one of the issues you should prioritise. However, key driver analysis often shows that the correlation between pay and engagement is actually not very strong. In other words it helps you to avoid focusing on the wrong things.

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Key Driver Analysis

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