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Why is employee engagement the key enabler?

Engagement as enabler

The research can't be ignored. It proves what many of the world's most respected business leaders already know: the links between employee engagement, customer engagement and organisational performance are beyond question.

The simple truth is: Engaged employees create loyal customers who, in turn, drive profitable growth.

Engaged employees:

  • Generate more revenue for your business
  • Demonstrate higher levels of innovation
  • Act as advocates for your business
  • Have lower rates of sickness or absenteeism
  • Are less likely to leave your business
  • Behave in ways that support your business values
  • Have a positive impact on co-workers
  • Have a positive effect on customer satisfaction

The key questions are: how many of your people demonstrate these qualities? How many of them are engaged? What proportion are not engaged? How does this impact your ability to delight your customers and drive growth?

How you answer could be the difference between long term success and business failure.

So important is this idea that the UK Government has now set up an employee engagement task force within the Department of Business.

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